Top five tips when selling your house

Selling your house on the secondary market isn’t rocket science. For some, it is merely a matter of placing it on the market and waiting for house buyers to come knocking. But what happens if your house has been up on the market for quite awhile.
Financial constraints may require you to liquidate it quickly to pay off your obligations. Others may simply wish to release it and move on to other endeavours. Hence, it makes all the difference to make your house stand out among the other properties floating about in the real estate market.

1/ Psychology of appearance

First impressions count, so make sure your potential house buyers are impressed the very moment they set foot on the lawn. Decorative measures such as flowers in the garden, sheared weeds, and a well-painted house and fence make for excellent product packaging. Remember, the wrapper is as important as the product.

2/ Remove your territorial markings

People usually like to picture themselves living inside the very house they are examining. Hence, it is essential that you de-personalise your home by removing your rock-star posters or any photos that suggest your presence or mark. An austere setting helps create a sense of attachment with the viewer. It will also be easier for them to mentality assign the items and furniture to be placed in the room, assuming that they are planning to move in.

3/ The seller is as important as the selling

Getting the right real estate agent maximises your sales and minimise your worries. Some of the qualities of an ideal real estate agent include having up-to-date marketing tools as they are capable of pulling in the maximum views. Since house prices are largely location related, an agent who knows the locality of your house is also a good choice.
Don’t be afraid to negotiate with your agent and let them know what you have been offered elsewhere. If you are interested in enlisting the aid of multiple agents, you may end up paying more than one fee, regardless of who sells the property. Check the terms and conditions of the contract before instructing your agent.

4/ Give them privacy

Do not chaperone your potential house buyers when they come to view the house. Allow them to wander about freely and naturally with the agent as they soak up the ambience. Prepare to answer any inquiries when they have completed their inspection.

5/ It’s in the details

Fix those light bulbs, plug sockets and lock hasps. You wouldn’t want your potential house buyers to test them out, only to realise that the bulbs aren’t lighting, or to witness the door hasps swinging out at an awkward angle. It is also important to redefine the rooms in your house. The kitchen should appear to look like a kitchen, and it goes without saying that house buyers do not want to see a messy bathroom sink or an unflushed toilet bowl.


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